PVS-Studio as a plugin for SonarQube

  • The report file (xml) can be converted to a readable format (html, text) for further distribution among those who are interested.
  • The error list can be mailed to those developers who made the errors. To do this, there are special utilities built in PVS-Studio.
  • To accumulate the launch statistics and its further analysis in dynamics, there is a possibility to use a special tool Analysis Statistics, built into plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio or Standalone utility.
  • Storing the history of metrics and building graphs for the changes of these metrics over time.
  • Fully automated analysis: integration with Maven, Ant, Gradle and common continuous integration systems.
  • Integration with such IDEs as Visual Studio, IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse plugin using SonarLint.
  • Integration with external tools: JIRA, Mantis, LDAP, Fortify and so on.
  • Possibility of extending the existing functionality with the help of third-party plugins.
  • SQALE methodology to evaluate the technical debt.



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The developer, the debugger, the unicorn. I know all about static analysis and how to find bugs and errors in C, C++, C#, and Java source code.